3-Days safari to see gorillas in the mist

gorillas in Rwanda

gorilla stares through the bushesArrive Rwandan capital and first of all enjoy a city tour which will include visiting the Kigali museum, genocide memorial center, crafts and fruits markets after which you will enjoy a scrumptuous afternoon meal.The next day you will be briefed at the starting point and you will trek in search of these great apes on the verge of extinction.

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4 Days Gorillas and Dian Fossey memorial

Gorilla trek Rwanda and memorials of Dian's tomb

the gorilla lying on a tree branchStart the first day with a trip through the city for a genocide memorial tour. Get the History first hand on reasons and causes , after effects of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Second day gives you the chance to undertake in the much anticipated gorilla trekking adventure.On the third day you get to see the Karisoke Gorilla Research center which was set up by Dian Fossey a great woman in the history of the country , who spent her time protecting these endangered creatures.

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Volcano hiking and gorilla safari visit - 5 days

Mountain gorillas and Volcanic trek

young juvenile gorillaHave an adventure of a lifetime in Rwanda , Experience the genocide memorial , gorilla trekking in parc des volcanes and the ultimate thrill of hiking one of the virunga volcanoes and the 5th highest mountain in Africa.The highlight being camping on the volcano mountain on the fourth day ! .

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How do I get a gorilla permit ?

In Uganda it costs USD 500 per day per person for a gorilla permit. You can get the permits in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) headquarters........ More…

Still Looking for the right tour company ?

Conceivably the most vital thing to look for is reliability and safety. Ask to see the local tour operator’s brochures, licenses and equipment. Also ask for references. While it may be difficult to contact references if you are already in the destination....... More…

Which is the cheapest gorilla tour?

Gorillas are unique and almost extinct creatures that are almost everyone’s must see before they die. If you asked for my opinion, I would say Uganda’s Gorilla tours are cheaper compared to the one for Rwandaof the reasons you will find below.However judging from statistics , rwanda sells more gorilla tours than rwanda.It is an important phrase that they say.... More…